Buitenpizzaoven- Roestvrijstalen pizzamaker- Draagbare pizzapelletoven met 11-inch pizzasteen/thermometer/pizzaschep-Ideaal voor een buitenkeuken-zwart en zilver (9467675197694)

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【60 Seconds To Complete Pizza】 Our outdoor pizza oven can reach 500°C in 15-20 minutes after adding fuel to burn and preheat, and bake delicious pizza in about 60-90 seconds. High-temperature rapid heating allows you to cook a variety of foods quickly and in a short time. Note: Make sure the door is closed when preheating the pizza oven.
【High Quality and Durable】 Our product is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, greatly extends the service life and allows more even heat dissipation when grilling. It is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. It can save your energy and time well.
【Quick to Install and Easy to Carry】 This pizza oven can be quickly installed in minutes. It is easy to take with you when you go out and you can cook outside at any time thanks to the handle and 4 folding stainless steel legs. Equipped with a thermometer that allows you to keep an eye on the temperature in the oven at all times for the best results.
【Smoky Flavored Delights】 Equipped with 11-inch pizza stone and firebox. The pizza stone has extremely high temperature resistance and stability and can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to make even more delicious pizzas. This oven uses charcoal to burn to produce a strong smoky flavor, allowing you to taste the unique smoky flavor of the food.
【Wide Application & Varied Cooking】 This pizza oven is the best gift for any pizza lover. He can not only bake pizza, but also other delicious dishes such as steak, burgers, grilled fish and pancakes. It is great for parties, family gatherings, barbecues or outdoor camping. Come and try to prepare a variety of delicious dishes with your family.
Included accessories: food bowl, firebox, cordierite stone (28 x 28 cm), door, thermometer (EAN: 9467675197694)





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